Free car wraps

Are you the proud owner of a car that you share with other people via HoppyGo? Wondering how to let the world know they can borrow your car? Put a HoppyGo sticker on your car and become an even more successful owner.

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náklady na provoz auta

Car operating costs

Calculating the cost of running a car is not easy. This article will focus on all the expenses surrounding car ownership. We also add useful examples and a calculator where you can calculate the cost of your own car.

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Safe with HoppyGo!

Despite the situation in 2020 and 2021, HoppyGo remains fully active. If you need to go somewhere, choose the safest form of transport – individually by car. The platform is fully available to you. This short article will serve to remind you of a few basic rules for renting a car safely in person.

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