Free car wraps

Are you the proud owner of a car that you share with other people via HoppyGo?  Wondering how to let the world know they can borrow your car? Put a HoppyGo sticker on your car and become an even more successful owner.

Car wrap variants

1) Small stickers

A small, subtle sticker that you can place on the right side of the trunk, will catch the eye of anyone behind you.

Dimensions: A6 – 148 × 105 mm

2) Medium stickers

Medium sticker for the side of the car. It will stand out on both front and rear doors.

Dimensions: A4 – 297 × 210 mm 

3) Large stickers

These large stickers will be unmissable on the roads.

Dimensions: A3 – 420 x 297 mm 

How to order the stickers

If you are interested in making your car more visible through stickers with the HoppyGo logo, please contact us at:

We offer all variants of stickers free of charge 

Now you may be asking yourself the logical question “how much is this going to cost me?” We have good news for you in this respect too – we offer all variants of stickers for free. If you offer multiple vehicles on HoppyGo, we’ll be happy to supply you with a larger quantity so you can advertise on all of your vehicles.  

How to apply the stickers 

All three variants of stickers are supplied on a transfer foil and the application is simple.  

  • Clean and dry the area where you will place the sticker before applying. 
  • Make sure the sticker is straight and no lettering is curled. 
  • Carefully remove the top of the foil. 
  • Measure carefully before sticking to ensure that the decal will be placed straight. 
  • Apply to the selected location and run your hand over the entire section of the decal to ensure all letters are attached. 
  • Carefully peel off the foil. All letters should be attached to the vehicle.

Boost your vehicle’s position in search results!

For 250 CZK for 14 days you can get the advantage of placing your car on the first positions of the search results. This will increase its visibility and chances of being selected by a driver. Interested? Contact us at and we will arrange everything.

A HoppyGo logo sticker on your car will remind not only you, but also all passers-by that carpooling makes sense. The moment you park your car, it’s in plain sight of passers-by. What if they’re thinking of taking a trip but don’t have a car?

What is HoppyGo? 

HoppyGo is a car sharing platform that connects those who want to rent a car occasionally with car owners who do not use their cars on a daily basis. Users can thus use cars that would otherwise be parked in parking lots. On the other hand, owners can solve the costs of owning a car in this way or secure a side income. 

The platform includes over 1500 cars of all categories and brands. As a user, you have the opportunity to choose between luxury and affordable cars, sports cars, vans and camper vans, family cars or city cars. In short, you will find everything here.