Enjoy breathtaking views from these lookout towers

The Czech Republic is a lookout powerhouse. There are over 400 lookout towers and platforms all over the country – that’s a decent number! They differ not only in height, but also in age and architectural styles. So where to start? We have selected 7 lookout towers for you in traditional to modern and futuristic styles, which you should definitely visit.

1. Růženka

Source: turistickyatlas.cz

The Pastevní vrch tower, not far from Děčín, is a poetically named modern concrete lookout tower. It is intentionally reminiscent of nearby military bunkers. You can get a view of the Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland, the Lusatian Mountains and the Bohemian Central Mountains. Admission is free all year round. In addition, an educational trail leads over the nearby hill, which continues to the Kamenická guard, so you can treat yourself to a nice ten-kilometer walk.


2. Krásenský vrch

Pronájem vozu na výlet na Krásenský vrch
Source: turistika.com

In the heart of the Slavkov Forest you will find this stone gem. The lookout tower on Krásenský vrch was constructed in 1935 during the economic crisis which provided work for the inhabitants of Krásno during a period of high unemployment. This cylindrical structure with an external staircase rises to a height of 25 meters. You can look forward to views of the Slavkov Forest, Doupovské and Krušné Mountains.


3. Hradišťský vrch

Půjčení auta na výlet na Hradišťských vrch
Source: sitelektrokol.cz

A newer lookout towers can be found at Hradišťský vrch. It stands on the site of an ancient Celtic fortification. The architecture was based not only on the landscape of the region, but also on Celtic symbolism. From the top of the 30-meter tower you can see the Novohradské Mountains, the Budějovice Basin and, in good weather, the Alps.


4. Velká Deštná

Půjčení auta na výlet
Author: Karel Holub

At the highest peak of the Eagle Mountains, at an altitude of 1,115 meters, stands an 18-meter lookout tower. The irregular pentagonal shape with oblique larch prisms on the outside symbolizing falling raindrops blowing in the wind. From the lookout tower you will have a 360-degree view of the Giant Mountains or Kralický Sněžník. It is accessible all year round and entry will not cost you anything.


5. Jurkovič lookout tower

Pronájem auta na výlet na Jurkovičovu rozhlednu
Source: i60.cz

Near Rožnov pod Radhoštěm on Charles Hill you will find a unique lookout tower with traditional folk elements. The design was created by the well-known architect Dušan Jurkovič in 1896. Blacksmith, plumbing and carpentry work was carried out by hand using old, using nowadays unheard of, working procedures. The total height of the lookout tower is 32 meters, you can climb to the platform at a height of 19 meters. From there you will have a view of the center of Rožnov and the Radhošť massif region.


6. Salaš

For another great view, head to Uherské Hradiště. In 2015, a futuristic-looking lookout tower in the shape of “two sevens” was built near the village of Salaš. It was built by a local resident Petr Loucký at his own expense. Thanks to this tower, you can enjoy the view of Velehrad, Uherské Hradiště, the peaks of the White Carpathians or Chřiby.


7. Kobylí vrch

Auto k pronájmu na výlet na Kobylí vrch

A spiral design lookout tower in Kobylí na Břeclavku is unique as it does not have any stairs. It is therefore one of the few towers accessible for wheelchair users. It was built on a hill decorated with vineyards and its design fully respects the surroundings of a vineyard. You can enjoy views of the entire Pálava, the White Carpathians and, in good weather, the Austrian Alps.

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