Do you want to travel with a dog? Don’t underestimate the preparation

Didn’t you get babysitting for your pet, or you just can’t go without him? In order for you and your dog to enjoy the holiday, do not underestimate the prep work needed. We will advise you on how to transport your dog by car, what you should definitely pack or what documents and vaccinations to arrange before departure. 


Follow the rules of the road – your pet must not endanger you while driving. Even the calmest dog can be afraid of anything, so he should not be wandering freely in the car. This is also about their safety! If you do not secure your pet, you risk a fine of up to 2,000 CZK in the Czech Republic, and you will pay extra abroad. You have several options for transporting the dog: 

  • in a travel case
  • in a transport box or cage
  • in a spare bag with a separating grille or net behind the rear seats
  • on the rear seats with a special harness in the car with a safety clip attached to the seat belt
  • in a dog trailer behind the car

The safest option is special transport boxes, which protect your dog and your cargo in the trunk. For transport in the rear seats, get a special protective blanket so that you do not have hair everywhere. Buy a harness of really high quality, cheap variants can break in an accident and injure you, the passengers or your dog. Professional dog trailers are suitable for transporting more dogs, which are well ventilated and also serve as a mobile pen.


Consider in particular the size of your dog and the total number of people in the car. You should place larger breeds in the trunk, so look more for cars that are station wagon body types. If you are planning a trip with more dogs, we recommend renting a van, after all you should put your things and fellow travelers somewhere. On HoppyGo you will find cars that the owners allow to transport animals simply – just check “Animals” next to the rental conditions. Then you can choose the car according to your preferences and date.

We recommend this Volvo V70, for example – it will provide enough space for your pet and passengers.  


Within the EU, 3 basic conditions are required:

  1. The dog is marked with a microchip
  2. He was vaccinated against rabies
  3. All this must accompany their passport

You can get a passport from a private veterinarian. Some countries require additional vaccinations, mostly with a specific prescribed substance. For example, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Malta and Finland require deworming 12-24 hours before treatment for echinococcosis. Outside the EU, conditions vary – but always follow the basic trio of chips, rabies and passport vaccinations.

Beware of forbidden breeds – if you own a “fighting” breed, be smart! Some countries have a list of banned breeds that you are not allowed to enter with. Alternatively, you may be subject to strict rules – in public, the dog must always move with the muzzle and on a short leash. Check with the State Veterinary Administration or Embassy of your country before departure.


You also have to pack some extra things for your dog on holiday. Don’t forget this basic equipment so that you can maximize your time with your dog.

  • Water and feed bowl
  • Water
  • Plenty of feed
  • Favorite toy, blanket or litter
  • Leash and muzzle
  • Cloth/Towel for wiping paws
  • Tick tongs
  • Dog first aid kit – disinfection, gastrointestinal drugs, etc.
  • Fecal bags
  • Adhesive roller for hair removal


Even dogs can suffer from motion sickness in a car, try to make your dog’s journey as easy as possible. The dog should get used to traveling by car gradually, ideally from when they are a puppy. Do not feed it before driving, remove air fresheners from the car, and open the window slightly. Stop regularly every 2-3 hours and let the dog run for a while. Adjust your driving style and speed – sharp turns and braking will not be good for youer pet. For extreme cases, there are also anti-nausea drugs for dogs.

Never leave a dog in a warm car, a closed-up car quickly becomes a greenhouse. Book your accommodation in advanced and inform the hotel about your dog, some animals are not welcome. Find out where dogs can swim, for example it is forbidden on public beaches in Croatia, but dog beaches are starting to appear.

Your pet can be a great travel companion, just prepare for it and choose the right car.

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