Lend your car through HoppyGo to get a cashback at Benzina

Do you want to save on every driven kilometer? Rent your car through HoppyGo and get a cashback of CZK 2.2 for every litre you fill up at Benzina petrol stations!

Thanks to our new partnership with Orlen Benzina, HoppyGo car owners can now benefit from a loyalty program that allows them to receive discounts on every litre of fuel they fill up at Benzina petrol stations. To join, you must first add your vehicle to HoppyGo and then email us at fleet@hoppygo.com so we can set up your registration. Once you have received your Benzina card, you can then take full advantage of the cashback at any Benzina petrol station, which has the largest network of pumps in the country.   

Within the HoppyGo platform, you have a wide selection of over 15,000 vehicles from over 1,600 owners who trust HoppyGo with their vehicles. All of these cars are covered by insurance from our partner UNIQA, ensuring safety and reliability for all participants. With HoppyGo, you don’t have to worry about any insurance or safety details, as this is properly and comprehensively covered. Your satisfaction and the peaceful enjoyment of each rented vehicle are our priority. HoppyGo brings you a convenient and carefree way to share cars with other users.

For HoppyGo car owners

If you are interested in joining this program, please let us know. We will set up your registration with Benzina so you can benefit from this offer as soon as possible. Your satisfaction is our priority and we look forward to providing you with an even better fueling experience at Benzina petrol stations.

To register, please email fleet@hoppygo.com