Drive to work comfortably by car

At this time, the safest and most comfortable option is to commute to work by car. Instead of purchasing your own car, you can simply borrow one – for as long as you need it, without paperwork, through the HoppyGo Mobile App. On the HoppyGo platform you will find 1,800 cars, from which you can choose from electric cars, luxury cars or smaller cars perfect for city driving. We have identified 5 cars for you to make your trips to work much easier.


This Smart ForTwo efficient car makes parking in a city easier. With current standing capacities, this is really useful. It also has USB, WiFi internet and Bluetooth, so you can enjoy your favorite Spotify playlists and enjoy your journey to work. It is an ideal pairing for the city



Get to work comfortably and stylishly. This black ŠKODA SUPERB in mint condition will not disappoint you. Thanks to an automatic transmission you will not get tired of driving around the city. Renting this car costs 2 715 CZK per day. Book it while it’s free!



The Fiat e500 is the ideal choice for those who want less environmental impact. This electric version of the famous Italian classic will surprise you with agility and performance. If you’re wondering where you would even charge the car, don’t worry, just take a look at this charging station map.



If you need to transport a lot with you to work, choose something from the VAN category. This FIAT DUCATO gives you the generous amount of space in the trunk where you put all your work equipment. You can rely on this car for both short and long distances. In addition, for a daily rental you only pay 1 240 CZK –⁠ a great price-performance ratio.



Are your requirements primarily low price and reliability? This Toyota Yaris will be the best choice to get to work comfortably and cheaply. You only pay 683 CZK a day without insurance. For rent longer than 3 days and get an attractive discount.

Drive to work comfortably! Choose the car that fits your needs perfectly. Just set up the filters to meet your requirements and choose a car to make your journey easier.