How is the price of a rental calculated?

We’re often asked how to calculate the cost of a HoppyGo rental and how to plan to save money. So let’s take a look at all the factors that can affect the price of a car rental on our platform.

Do you only need a car for 24 hours?

When we were negotiating the insurance terms for the rental, the insurance company wanted to calculate everything in calendar days. But we didn’t give in, and we’ve arranged something better for you – we don’t count the first day of the loan as a calendar day, but as 24 hours. So you can rent a car at 11:00 am one day and return it again by 11:00 am the next day. Even if you have the car over midnight, the rental will only count as one day.

We recommend that you keep a close eye on your watch. If you overdraw by even half an hour, the app will switch to the calendar day system and you will have to pay for the whole next day.

Calculation of price per calendar day

We’ve already established that if you only rent a car for 24 hours, the rental will cost the same as a single day’s rental. However, for longer rentals, a calendar day calculation applies.  

What does this mean to you? If you rent a car for more than one day, the daily rental price will be the same regardless of the time of day you choose to pick up the vehicle. If you want to use the car for as long as possible, choose to pick up the car at the beginning of a day.

The nice thing is that you don’t have to worry about returning the car late (as long as it’s returned during the correct day). For example, if you choose to drop the car off shortly after noon but can’t make it, you can arrange with the owner for a later time of day and the rental price won’t change. In this case, however, please also let us know on our customer service line. 

How can I save money on longer rentals? 

Of course, the price of rentals depends primarily on their length. At the same time, however, discounts apply for rentals longer than 3 days. There are several discount levels – more than 3 days, 7 days, 14 days and a month. The specific discount level can be found for each on the car profile page.

Elongation of Rental

Provided the owner agrees to everything, you have the option to extend your car rental. This also affects the total cost of the rental. In case you wish to extend your rental duration, please contact the customer service line at or +420 220 311 769.

If the extension falls into another discount category (as per the table above), the full rental amount will be recalculated with the higher discount. For example, if you rent a car for 5 days and want to extend the rental for two more days, the entire rental price will be recalculated at a 30% discount instead of 20%.


Another item that affects the price of renting a car is the choice of insurance, and additional insurance, products. When booking, you have the option to choose between basic or premium insurance. The latter is slightly more expensive than the basic one, but for this cost it reduces your deductible and deposit amount from 5,000 CZK to 1,000 CZK.

Then there’s the optional liability insurance, which costs 100 CZK / day. This “holy crap insurance,” as it is sometimes called, also covers such inconveniences as damage to the interior, loss of car keys, fuel substitution , or punctured tires.

The price for insurance also goes down with the number of times you rent a car though HoppyGo. The more rentals you have on HoppyGo, the cheaper the policy prices will be.

Refundable deposits

The amount of the refundable deposit depends on the type of insurance the driver chooses for the rental. With basic insurance with a 10% deductible, the deposit is 5,000 CZK, and with premium insurance with a 5% deductible, it is 1,000 CZK. This deposit will be withdrawn from your debit or credit card when the owner accepts the request. We will send the deposit back to your credit card in full within three working days after the car has been returned without any problems.

Excess mileage or under-fueled car

These are the last two items that can change the final price of your car rental. If you drive more than the mileage limit during the rental, any mileage over the limit will be charged (the price per km is set by the owner and shown on each car’s profile) and will be deducted from your deposit. The limit itself is calculated on the length of the rental with 200 km/day given. For example, if you rent a car for 5 days, the total limit is 1000 kilometers. The only exception is for rentals longer than 30 days, where the daily limit is reduced to 100 km/day.

A similar situation occurs if you return the car with less fuel in the tank than you received it with. In this case, it is possible to make arrangements with the owner and pay the difference in cash. If you leave it to our application, expect a higher price of about 2 CZK per liter for unrefuelled fuel than the current average fuel price.


Do you have further questions about prices, insurance or anything else? Check out our FAQ section or email us at


What is HoppyGo? 

HoppyGo is a car sharing platform that connects those who want to rent a car occasionally with car owners who do not use their cars on a daily basis. Users can thus use cars that would otherwise be parked in parking lots. On the other hand, owners can solve the costs of owning a car in this way or secure a side income. 

The platform includes over 1500 cars of all categories and brands. As a user, you have the opportunity to choose between luxury and affordable cars, sports cars, vans and camper vans, family cars or city cars. In short, you will find everything here.