HoppyGo is up and running!

Despite the current situation in the Czech Republic, HoppyGo remains fully operational and is available to anyone who needs to move from place to place for any reason. Until further notice, only trips abroad are prohibited.


Previously, we instructed car owners renting through the HoppyGo platform to pay extra attention to cleaning and disinfecting their cars, both before and after the rental. We would also like to ask the driver for the same. Pay particular attention to exposed areas such as the steering wheel, gear shifter, door handles and/or dashboard controls. Use disinfectants or soapy water for cleaning. We also recommend the use of disposable gloves.

We have begun working to provide a disinfection station for our users. It is a place where it will be possible to arrange a handover of the car and where the complete disinfection of the car will be carried out with the help of state-of-the-art technology. We will inform you as soon as we have this station ready for operation.


Sometimes disinfection is not enough. Protect yourself, and the public, by following increased hygiene measures and wearing a protective mask. Avoid places that are more densely populated, and if you need to move from place to place choose the least risky way of transport by car.

efore renting, please contact the owner to avoid shaking hands for preventive reasons. Carry a disinfectant gel with at least 60% alcohol content and use it whenever you move around from your car into public places. For example, after refueling, getting groceries or supplies.


If the owner of the requested car does not contact you, call us. We can help you find a car for rent. If one of your loved ones needs a car, refer them to us. Our Customer Center will help to register and guide new and existing users through the entire rental request and handover process.

We believe that through a responsible approach we can jointly prevent potential risks and keep you as healthy as possible.