Step-by-Step Guide to HoppyGo

Whether you are new to the basic workings  of “How to Hoppy”, this article will cover everything you need to know. 

Without further delay, let’s sink our teeth in.

1. Download the mobile app, sign up, verify your email address and phone number and wait for us to
approve your user account.

If everything is done correctly and you go through our scoring,we will approve your account within 24 hours. If your account approval takes longer, make sure that you have correctly uploaded copies of valid documents and correctly filled in all the necessary information. If everything looks fine, please contact us via e-mail:, by phone: +420 220 311 769, or via Messenger .

2. Enter the location and date of the desired rental and check out the available vehicles.

Unless you have a dream vehicle in mind that you would like to borrow, we recommend sending several inquiries to different owners. If you are in a hurry, try searching for vehicles with an Instant booking label that are available from 24 hours prior to the desired rental period, and the owners confirm the request automatically.

The rental car cannot be returned without a refundable deposit. You choose the deductible and type of insurance when you place your order – CZK 5,000 for standard insurance (CZK 10%) or CZK 1,000 with premium insurance (5%). If you are interested in how our insurance works, have a peek here. More info on how to calculate the rental price can be
found here.

In the inquiry form, write down why you’re interested in the  vehicle and include your mobile phone number to speed up the communication between you and the owner. As soon as one of the vehicle owners confirms your demand, the other requests are automatically canceled. Likewise, all unconfirmed requests are automatically deleted by the system after 24 hours.

3. Do you have a confirmed request and are you in contact with the owner? Arrange with his time and place of handover.

Once the car owner confirms the demand, you will be able to call and arrange the exact details of the meeting. Take a charged mobile phone with your internet connection and our application with you on your handover, you need to have a civil and driving license. Then enter the status of the speedometer, fuel and present your identity card to the owner to verify your identity. As soon as the owner has verified the last 4 digits from the ID card and both confirm the handover, you can take over a vehicle in which a small technical certificate and a green card for police control should be available.

When handing over the vehicle, follow the instructions given in our application or on the web. Before and after the end of each rental, at least 8 photographs of the insured vehicle exterior from the front, right and left sides, then diagonal views to the entire right side, from the rear to the entire left side, and behind the whole right side. Remember, from the outside, the areas where damage usually occurs most often, like corners of the car, wheels and bumpers

Furthermore, there are at least three photographs of the interior of the vehicle, the speedometer / odometer with the reading of the mileage, the overall view of the rear seats, and the overall condition of the cabin and the overall condition of The back half of the vehicle.  Photos are the main evidence for us and our insurer dealing with insured events or compensation for minor damages. In the case of missing photos, the insurance company may refuse to perform. All done and now you can start your adventure.

Do you want to return your vehicle sooner or later? It is recommended to make an arrangement with the owner if they agree with the change and then call our info line +420 220 311 769, where we will extend the rental or short it to your agreement with the owner.

Before returning the car, align it to the condition you received , meaning refill the fuel tank proper level. Arrange with the owner and time to return to the vehicle, and make sure you enter the fuel level, speedometer reading, and vehicle photos through the application. Finally, write the rating to the owner.

If there is any problem with your rental, please contact our info line. We invite you to call any day from 9 am to 9 pm.

Do you have any other question for us ? Email us at

This article is not a binding legal document, it is only a brief statement of terms. For specific terms and conditions, please refer to the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance on the  General Terms and Conditions page.