Monthly rentals

It can happen to everyone. The car terminated the service, or your desired car leaves the production line a little later than you planned. Does it look like a long wait? Never mind – HoppyGo has an innovation for you, which will save you a lot of money. You have to try it!

1. New discount level on the rental price

For rentals lasting longer than 3 days there are standard level discounts. Now, for long-term rentals over 30 days, you will save much more – 50% of the total price!  The only difference is that for rentals over 30 days there is a new limit of 100 km per day.

2. Similarly lower priced insurance

Not only can you rent a car for half the date rate, but the insurance discount is 60%. Travel cheaper but safely as well. 

Let’s compare how much 27 years old Petr from Prague can save on car rental on a Škoda Kodiaq:

3. Longer-term rentals are useful in many cases

Are you waiting for your fleet cars? Or did your car get stuck in the service for a month? Do you need a car for a longer period of time, but doesn’t it make sense to get your own? These are classic situations that can be easily solved using Monthly rentals on HoppyGo.

4. There are no obligations

HoppyGo does not require you to be subscribed for 12 months as with operating leases. You can set the loan for a month and extend it as needed. This avoids unnecessary obligations, and you can switch up your car every month.

5. Fantastic customer support in case of any problem

Ordering a car is really easy. Just enter your search term and the application will show you the cars to which this discount tier can be applied. Not sure about something or are you afraid that 30 days will not be enough? No need to worry – our customer support will help you with everything you need. If the car is no longer available, we’ll pick a new one for you.