HoppyGo Insurance: Now at a Lower Average Price!

Better service and lower price. These are the basics of our cooperation with AXA. In this way, we address the top user suggestions to reduce the insurance price, which we’ve reduced on average by 55%! In addition, the quality of our insurance offer is increasing, as is confirmed by the fact that AXA was awarded the title of Insurance Company of 2019 for the Czech Republic.

What can influence the price of insurance of your rental ? We want to reward our reliable and regular users, so, for example, your 5 star rating in HoppyGo and the number of rentals you’ve done can lower the cost. The more you rent cars, the lower your insurance. Other factors are the market price of the rented car and its performance category. Insurance is always arranged for the period of the car rental and is valid from the moment you receive a message from us that the payment for the rental was in order.


Jana from Kovářov, 35 years old

Jana has rented a car through HoppyGo five times and has always been rated five stars. This time she chose the Volvo XC90 and basic insurance.

Peter from Prague, 27 years old

Petr is renting a car for the first time on HoppyGo. He chose the ŠKODA OCTAVIA and opted for premium insurance.

Martin from Bor, 45 years old

Martin is renting a car for the sixth time on HoppyGo. He received the best rating for previous loans. Today he chose a KIA Besta and basic insurance.


If you rent a car for 3 days or more, you get a standard discount on HoppyGo daily rental prices. Newly, this discount also applies to insurance! Therefore, you will save even more on the insurance when renting for several days.

  • 3+ days – 20 % discount
  • 7+ days – 30 % discount
  • 14+ days – 40 % discount
  • 30+ days – 60 % discount


As a driver, you can choose from two types of insurance: basic and premium. What is the difference between them?

With the basic insurance you have to pay a refundable deposit of 5000 CZK and in case of an insured event you will have 10% deductible with a minimum payment of 10 000 CZK. With the premium insurance you will pay a refundable deposit of 1,000 CZK and, in the event of an insured event, a deduction of at least 5,000 CZK.


  1. Accident insurance – covers everything from collision damage, fall or impact damage, fire, explosion, lightning, hail, storm, damage from items being dropped on the vehicle, flood and water damage, and vandalism or fraud occurrences.
  2. Window glass insurance – all glass attached to the car. The limit does not apply to this insurance, the deductible is 1,000 CZK.
  3. Replacement car insurance – in case you need a replacement for a car rented through HoppyGo. The limitations as set at a max of 10,000 CZK for a maximum duration of 10 calendar days. This supplementary insurance is arranged without participation.
  4. Assistance services – removal of the vehicle in case of an accident, and towing the car to the nearest service or repair center. This service will also provide you with a replacement vehicle for 24 hours (or 48 hours if you are abroad) and accommodation at the location of the insured event with a limit of 2000 CZK per person.
carsharing pojištění


Liability insurance is actually a “peace of mind insurance”. It covers inconveniences such as spilled coffee in the interior, punctured tire(s), lost car keys or incorrect fuel filled into the tank. If covers up to 50,000 CZK with a deductible of 1,000 CZK. It is valid in EU. Do you find such supplementary insurance superfluous? Let’s turn it into numbers. Liability insurance costs 100 CZK per day and services such as cleaning the interior or the production of new keys for a car can easily cost several thousand CZK. Is there still doubt on the value this insurance can provide?

As they say, expect the best but plan for the worst! With proper insurance you can prevent the consequences of these accidents and enjoy your holidays and trips worry free. Welcome to the new HoppyGo with better insurance from AXA!