HoppyGo explains: Instant booking

HoppyGo explains: Instant booking

Book a car faster and easier. Imagine a classic situation – it is Wednesday and you would like to rent a car for a weekend on Friday, or you might be looking for a moving van. If you are worried that the owner will not accept the demand in time, or you will find that the car is actually not available for the given date then Instant Booking can resolve this scenario.

What does this feature mean for the driver?

For cars marked with the Instant Booking label, you only need to inquire about the vehicle and the system will automatically confirm the request and the reservation is confirmed right away. This automatic confirmation significantly speeds up the process. The Instantly Bookable range of vehicles includes not only practical hatchbacks, vans suitable for moving, but also stylish convertibles and sports cars to take on weekend trips.

And what does Instant booking mean for car owners?

As a car owner, you can of course choose whether you want to use this feature or not. Simply turn it on or off in the vehicle detail of the Calendar tab. The system will then evaluate whether all the criteria have been met on the driver’s side and will either offer your vehicle to the driver through classic reservation method or if they qualify they can directly book the rental via Instant Booking. This can significantly save you time. But don’t worry, you don’t need to drop everything to meet the driver. The request for the car must happen at least 18 hours before the planned rental and the handover time must be set to happen after 8:00 and no later than 20:00.

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