Rent accessories on HoppyGo

Don´t buy equipment for your vacation. Rent it at SharyGo!

So, you have rented a car through HoppyGo. Now to get to the next step – you don’t have enough space to fit your skis of the whole family, or you realised that the tent that was in the attic last year just disappeared into thin air? Anything can happen during your vacation, so be prepared! SharyGo connects people that have the needed equipment with people that need it. You can find complements that will sweeten your vacation or get you out of a tight spot all in one place. Just look for the button “Rent any car accessories on SharyGo” on our HoppyGo web. So, what should you certainly have on you during your vacation?

When you are off to the mountains

Not only don´t the skis and snowboards fit into the trunk but the weather reports heavy snow as well. The question is – how to solve this problem? Don’t stress yourself out during your free time – just rent a roof rack or even a roof box for your skis. And to not get stuck anywhere on the road pack also some winter chains.

When you’re going camping

Buying a tent because of one trip? Nonsense! Rent it instead. You will discover camping equipment from a to z, even sleeping bags, air mattresses, or a gas cooker. Keep in mind a backup plan when you want to try out the real woodsman life and pack along a voltage converter thanks to which you will change the car lighter into a full-blown socket.

When you’re going camping


When you’re off for a biking trip

Do you like to feast your eyes on nature from the saddle of your bike? However you are thinking about how to transport the bikes of the whole family to your dream destination? Rent a vehicle through HoppyGo and secure the roof rack on SharyGo. There are many variations to choose from – roof racks, side racks – it depends only on what suits you best.

vybavení na dovolenou

When planning a vacation with kids

Vacation with kids means packing tons of extra things that are absolutely necessary – indoor shoes, outdoor shoes, spare outdoor shoes..and that is only the beginning. We wouldn’t recommend setting off without a roof box and definitely don’t forget to prepare enough snacks for which you could find use of a travel fridge.