It’s finally here! After many months of hard work, we’re finally here and proud to introduce a brand new HoppyGo application. You now have some new features to look forward to!

We carefully collected feedback from our owners and drivers – both about our website and about the mobile app. It’s this knowledge that we have taken into account to rework a new, completely redesigned, significantly faster and more user-friendly application.

What can you look forward to in the new app and website?

1. Completely new web design and application.

First, you will find a completely new design of the website and the application. Everything you need is now in front of you in HoppyGo. Be it fresh articles from our blog, Cars of the Month, special collections of cars, or recommendations, you will be informed about everything. Plus, you can now book Car of the Month directly from the app.

2. One-way navigation in the app

We moved the menu down so that the most important sections are available in one click. Owners will appreciate lightening fast access to the My Cars section, where they will find all inquiries, reservations, and can manage their cars. Drivers, on the contrary, will appreciate the clearer Rides section. In addition, we’ve added a new feature “What’s happening today” right on the home screen where you will see, for example, that you can pick up or return your car today.

3. Innovative chat with the option to call after booking confirmation

We also upgraded the chat. Finally, you have a full-featured communication tool that works just like the chat you know and love from social networks. You can see immediately when someone reads your message and starts writing you back.

Not only is the new chat fast, it also includes new features such as the ability to respond directly to car request from a chat environment. However, if chat is not enough for you, we have other improvements – once the owner confirms your request, you will be able to call each other right away.

4. User-friendly registration, faster account approval

An important new feature that will especially delight new users is the easier creation of a user account. It used to be necessary to fill all the data in manually,  it is now done automagically for you. Just take a picture of both sides of your driver’s license and the application automatically reads the necessary data. Then just review and confirm the data in the fields and make any needed edits. If your account info is approved by our scoring system, your profile will be approved in seconds. From the first visit to the website, or initial launch of the app, you could be registered and have your dream car confirmed in minutes.

5. Sophisticated car search engines and ability to rent the same car again

Filters have also been added to the new application. Seven were available in the old application, now there are ten. While previously it was possible to search cars by brand only on the website, now you can do it comfortably on your mobile device. In addition, of course, other filters are still there too. So, you can search by price, body style, brand, transmission type, fuel type, consumption, kilometers on the car, and equipment set of the vehicle. You can also check “I want my car” which will look up cars from your past rides.

We’ve also customized the filters to make them easier to use and clear to understand. When you click, you see how many cars meets all your requirements. For all those who use with our app for bookings more than once, we’ve also added the ability to re-book a car if you have already rented it in the past. You simply find the car in the history section and you won’t have to search it again.

6. New in car rental payments

We pondered how to simplify, speed up and streamline the handover of the car between the owner and the driver as much as possible. Up to now the car was paid for the at the time of physical handover between the driver and the owner. We learned that the process could have some issues when the driver has no funds available or had some sort of issues with their account. In a new application this will be avoided altogether as the rental money will be debited from the driver’s account when the owner accepts the demand. Still, a driver can request more cars at once, so only the reservation that an owner confirms is valid. If an owner does not confirm the loan, the money remains in the driver’s account. Conversely, if a rental is confirmed and the payment doesn’t go through successfully, the driver has 24 hours to fix the situation. During this time, they have the ability to fix whatever issue cause the transaction to fail, ex. add money to the account or adjust the credit card limits.

7. Intuitive car handover and faster photo uploads

We have greatly accelerated uploading photos to the application and simplified the orientation of vehicle images required when taking pictures of the car during the handover, and we have also added illustrative icons to guide you how to shoot the car properly. Before and after the end of each individual loan it is always necessary to take at least 8 photographs of the vehicle’s exterior through the application. Also, you need to add at least 4 photos of the interior; of the odometer reading with visible mileage, overall view of the dashboard, the completed view of the front of the cab and the overall view that shows the condition of the rear seats of the vehicle.  The photographs are the main evidence for us and our insurance company in case of any claim’s settlement or compensation for minor damage. If photos are missing or not correctly shot, the insurance company can refuse to comply with payment.  Remember it’s up to the owner and the driver to both confirm the images provided through the application.

8. Mandatory small technical certificate

An innovation for owners is the obligation to upload the small technical certificate to the application. This step facilitates possible solutions claims because the insurance company will have data faster. However, a small technical license is required for cars insured by our insurance company, it must also be present in the cars even if you’re using your own insurance.

9. Possibility to return the car at any time, without having to call the Infoline

This is another significant change we have prepared for our users. Drivers can return the car to the owner before the requested return date without having to inform our customer service, they can just arrange this with the owner directly through the app. But we would like to point out to the drivers that unless they are returning a car for serious reasons (such as a breakdown for example), they will still pay the entirety of the original loan amount.

How do you get to the new app?

Your app should update itself. But if it doesn’t, visit the App Store or Google Play and update the app update. If there is any problem, try to completely delete and install the application first from App Store / Google Play again. If it doesn’t help, call our infoline at +420 220 311 769, where you can we will be happy to help.

Last month our whole team tested both mobile applications and the web page. If we still missed something, please let us know on our email.  We’ll fix things right away.

Download new HoppyGo application

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